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Pool Cleaning Service Las Vegas

The luxury of having a beautiful pool at your fingertips is priceless when living through smoldering summers in Las Vegas. Splashing in the cool, crisp water is a relaxing way to spend the day, or cool off during those hot summer nights. Most Las Vegas pool owners also have the luxury of a spa so that year-round, your home is your personal outdoor oasis or place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the Vegas lifestyle.

Along with the pleasures of having a private pool or spa come a plethora of responsibilities as well. A beautiful pool can quickly turn into an eyesore if neglected for even a short amount of time. Maintaining the health of your pool and spa may seem to appeal to many trying to save money; however when most begin to understand the amount of physical labor, possible problems with pump systems, and the knowledge that one must have to maintain proper chemical levels, self-maintenance becomes overwhelming. Even the slightest imbalance of chemicals can leave your pool a slimy green swamp, or can cause serious injury to swimmers.

Most pool owners that try to maintain their own pools, also do not have the proper equipment to use. Every pool owner has a skimmer, but a skimmer is a very small part of the tools that are used to properly clean and maintain your pool and spa. Skimmers simply skim off excess leaves and debris left floating on the top of your pool. Special pool vacuums, brushes, and scrubbers are used by pool cleaning services in Las Vegas to handle every inch and angle of your pool’s walls and floor to make sure that the job is done right.

Pool Cleaning Service by Aqua Terra

Pool Cleaning Service Las Vegas is an essential part of keeping your pool and spa ready for use year-round. Aqua Terra provides a selection of pool cleaning services that are friendly to every budget. We have many options for your convenience whether you are looking to have a full service pool and spa maintenance service, or the assistance of a professional pool service to maintain a safe chemical balance while doing the manual work yourself. We offer weekly pool cleaning service; acid wash packages; chemical-only services; pump repair and maintenance; and we always have the most knowledgeable and friendly staff to answer all of your questions on proper pool care.

Aqua Terra is the pool cleaning service Las Vegas residents trust and use. Don’t let your pool or spa become a burden on your busy lifestyle. When you choose Aqua Terra for your pool cleaning needs, all that you’ll need to do is enjoy your pool and spa while we do the dirty work. We know that Las Vegas is a twenty-four hour/ seven days a week town, so we gladly offer twenty-four hour emergency service, and evening appointments.  Call us today for a free consultation to get your pool ready for some summertime fun!